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Anyone measured data on CO2 in the air while heater/lamp operating?

Many early 1920 adverts show, suggesting that this is a safe practice,  Perfection heaters in rooms, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, parlors, etc.

I'm also wondering about flat wick lamps, CD, and Aladdins? How much O2 do they remove from the air, how much fresh air (windows open for example) is recommended? "Crack a window"is rather vague.


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I used to light with oil for twenty years and had both a kerosene refrigerator and cooking five burner range, plus I used some perfection heaters at times.  I never got barely a reading on my Carbon dioxide monitor.    Once when I had the range in a very small area off the kitchen I did get a reading but still not a lot.  The secret most likely is a leaky old farm house that admits air even when you try to keep it out. A new well insulated home might need closer watching. Also as I have mentioned many times the kerosene that is water clear today for some reason won't burn well in my lamps or heater with wicks.  I will have to go to my older radiant heaters I guess. They put out more odor but not so prone to smoking which seems to be a problem with oil around here.  I used to leave those lamps burning overnight or when I went out for the evening and never had an issue. Now if they run a few hours you can get heavy carbon and shortly after spikes of smoke from lamps. Its taken the fun out of burning them. 

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I have a Perfection model 750 circa 1940’s. When I first started using it I placed a CO2 detector nearby, of the type that has a digital display ranging from zero on up. The detector never registers when I use the heater.

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Are we discussing CO or CO2 here?
You get far less CO with Kerosene than Propane or Natural Gas.
Perfection stated open a window 1". I do and it works.



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Sorry for the confusion. I meant CO, not CO2, and to be clear I did not say I open a window 1”. I use mine in an enclosed space and my CO detector never goes above zero.
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