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I will show you a quick and free method to crop, clean up, color correct and shrink images for uploading to a service like Photobucket. And did I mention FREE?

Go here and follow the instructions to get a FREE copy of Photoshop CS2. (ya it's 10 yrs old but even today it can do more than the average photographer needs.)

Basic Photoshop Manipulations:
The History Pallet shows every manipulation you have done to an image so you can undo if necessary
The Clone Tool located in the Pallet under File, left had side of the screen allows you to select a "good" part of an image and "Clone" or spread it over a bad section, cleaning that section up
CTRL-N = New page the same size as an image in your cache
CTRL-V = Pastes the image in the new page
Image/Image Size = sizes an image
Image/Rotate Canvas = Rotates an image in 90 deg increments
Select All then Edit/Transform/Rotate = rotates an image in 1 deg increments
Select All then Edit/Transform/Scale = Resizes an image
Image/Adjustments/Auto Levels = Fixes colors, brightness, darkness, a bunch of stuff automatically
Image/Adjustments/Levels = Grab the center arrow and drag left or right. Lightens or darkens the midrange of an image w/o over doing the dark or bright areas.
Filter/Sharpen/Unsharpen Mask = sharpens a less than sharp image. Basic settings are: Amount = 50%, Radius = 1.0, & Threshold = 0 levels. One or possibly two applications is all that can safely be applied w/o blowing out the image with a white outline around all objects.

To shrink the file size of a huge image for uploading:
File/Save For Web = Shrinks the size of an image with little to no visible loss of clarity (if you use my settings) Setting to use: JPEG, Medium, Quality = 51, Optimized.

These are just the basics that I use everyday with images. There are a ton more things Photoshop can do, but the above manipulations will allow you to "fix" 90% of "bad" pictures.

My Christmas Present to you guys (and gals).



(Hiding in my Kerosene Lab @ Tech Editor Productions)

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