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Recently I acquired a Perfection 11B Utility Heater that uses a 331X wick on a "High Power" burner. Made in the 1950's for Niagara Mohawk, it was to be used to heat their utility tents. (Images will be posted in the future) Anyway, I removed the new, unburnt 60 yr old wick with great difficulty. When I went to install a new 331X wick, I found that I could only push the wick in until the metal cage was level with the burner. But to "catch" the adjuster cogs, I needed to push it further. Trying to push down on the exposed wick just wasn't working. So I devised a tool to push the wick down to catch the adjuster cogs and it worked slick! And the best part is, if you are replacing a 331X wick with a new one, you already have the tool in hand! Take your old wick and cut away all the cotton from the cage. place the cage on top of the new wick that won't go down far enough, aligning the two metal cages and push while turning the adjuster. In my case, the wick, with the help of the "installation tool" slide into the adjuster and as soon as it was engaged, could be cranked down and up easily. It was just the beginning that was giving me the problem, possibly do to a long ago manufacturing defect.




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