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Did you ever unscrew a burner from a glass lamp Fount and have the collar twist off the glass? Well here is how to repair the Fount to like new condition.
An annoying situation that can be remedied fairly easily.
[2_zps65738f70]The collars on the vintage Founts were attached to the glass with Plaster of Paris.
Acetone will dissolve the Plaster of Paris from the brass collar. 
Once the Plaster of Paris is dissolved, remove the collar from the gunk.
Purists would replace the Plaster of Paris with Plaster of Paris. I cheat and use 5 minute epoxy.
I use a toothpick to mix the epoxy with the hardener and then distribute it around the inside of the collar. When the collar is inverted and installed on the glass neck, the epoxy before it hardens, will run down and cover all the inside of the collar.
And once it hardens (check your toothpick in the remaining mixed epoxy for hardness) you can re-install your burner.
New fill caps and threads can replace missing or damaged components.
NOTE: If your cap is missing, the new cap will NOT fit. You MUST order the threads as well. Installation goes the same as above.
I could not get the cap to thread on the new threads with the cork seal in place, so I chose not to use it. 

Greg Hall
Tech Editor Productions 



(Hiding in my Kerosene Lab @ Tech Editor Productions)

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