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Thanks to Sean ( Vmax29) for this valuable information..  Keep safety in mind when using your heater.. these things get hot!!

Top down:

Ambient starting room temp 73°

Heater in operation for approx. 45 minutes.

Center of top 538°
Side of top 479°
Top ornamental grill 496°
Metal directly above globe 405°
Globe top 379°
Globe center 351°
Globe bottom 331°
Metal skirt beneath globe 187°
Lower ornamental grill center 149°
Metal skirt below lower grill 86°
Center of leg 85°
Bottom of fount (copper) 86°

Other interesting readings:

Wick adjustment knob 108°
Handle 116°
Bare tile floor 4" from heater leg 83°
Rug 4" from leg 91°
Finger tab on top to open vent 482° (Ouch! don't touch that with bare hands.)
Wall 2 foot away 101° (Purposely placed this close to see how hot it would get. Don't try this at home LOL)

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