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"How To Save Your Kerosene Stove"

From the transcript of the August 28, 1942 broadcast of  "HomeMakers Chat", US Dept. of Agriculture, USDA Radio Service



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Pretty cool.. I have a much longer version of How to purchase and Oil Stove, or something to that effect but this has good detail about the operation of the two types of burners.   I like both types but so far have lately stuck with the wickless kenmore due to the ease of maintaining the burner.  Its taken me a while to figure out the oven in though. I was turning it down to quickly thinking it was going to be too hot, but then it would fall and be to low.  The other day I used it an left it pretty much sit where it was around 400 and it dropped to just above 350 which was right where I wanted it to be..  this latter type stove they removed  some of the insulation for the oven so I need to find some 1/2" oven insulation to add to the door.  I think that would also help maintain the temperature correctly.  I discovered that somewhere along the line from the time the Boss Range was sold to the U.S. Stove Company a number of things were cheapened.  Its probably why I could only find one catalog from the early 60's where they showed the Kenmore Name Plate on the splash back.. After that the simply had it with no name on the panel. Thanks for posting this usual find.. 

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