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These instructions also apply to Perfection heater clones, such as the
Barler, New Process, Nesco, Tropical #015 Oil Heater, United States Stove Co. Model US-89A, Valor 525, Savoil D-81, Sears 103.76010 and 155.76016 .


Perfection Heaters use a removable font that sits in the bottom of the body.

To Remove the old Wick, first remove the flame separator.

A twist and pull and the Flame Separator removes from the font.


Check the Flame separator for clogged or dirty air holes, also the top of the spreader should be cleaned and polished for best results.


Next remove the Gallery by turning counter clockwise.


If stuck the threads have probably become corroded or rusty.  If the Gallery is stuck you can follow the directions in the "Gallery is stuck" post here. 


Once the Gallery is removed, turn the wick up as far as it will go.. Pull out the wick and the metal carrier and discard them both.  Sometimes the wicks are stuck and rusted in. DO NOT FORCE THE WICK USING THE WICK ADJUSTER you may strip it out.  A stuck wick can be loosened by using a hacksaw blade or similar flat thin tool to break it free.  Working the tool up and down and around the wick.. working slowly.. will break it free.


When replacing with a new wick, place it in the font split ends down and make sure the cog slots on the metal carrier will line up with your adjuster.  Force the wick down until you can get it to engage with your adjuster.  Turn the wick down as far as it will go. 


Replace the Gallery by turning clockwise as far as possible.. sometimes you have to be careful not to cross thread the threads.


Next Turn the wick up level with the top of the wick tube.  ( you can level it out by pulling up the low side of the wick.)  Clip any loose threads or raveling from the top of the wick with scissors


Replace the flame separator.  Pour in some Kerosene, at least 3/4 full and allow the wick to soak for at least half an hour.. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!


Once soaked you are ready to light.  First make sure the flame separator is secure and the gallery is tight.


Next turn the wick up until the flame separator stops it.


Light the wick with a match in several places around the circumference of the wick. 


The wick will start to smoke as its lit, this is normal, until you get the heater closed.  Adjust the flame height once the flame separator attains maximum heat.. then close the heater.. making sure it is latched properly.


To extinguish the flame, turn the wick down as far as it will go.. but be careful here.. if you turn too hard past when you feel it stop.. you can lodge the carrier under the sprockets of the adjuster.. and its a pain to get the wick back up. When you turn it down the flame separator should drop down on top, snuffing out the wick.  However sometimes it will stick and a very slight rap on the side of the BOTTOM ( the rest will be hot) of the heater will make it drop.


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