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(Taken directly from original Perfection Instructions)

  • 1. Keep the perforations in the gallery open. Keep the perforations in the gallery free from lint and dirt by wiping gallery every day or two. If any of the perforations become clogged, the air supply is reduced, causing the heater to smoke.

  • 2. Keep the flame spreader clean. With a stiff brush, clean all perforations and with a knife scrape the carbon off the flange against which the wick strikes. Hold the flame spreader to the light to see that all perforations are clean and open.

  • 3. Keep wick tubes clean. Keep the char cleaned from the top of the wick tube by wiping with a cloth.

  • 4. Clean wick daily. If the heater is in daily use, clean the wick daily. Remove the flame spreader and raise the wick until the top portion is even with the top of the tube. Wipe loose carbon or char off the top of the wick with a cloth. Pat the remaining wick down evenly with the fingers.

  • Do not allow reservoir to burn dry. Each time this happens, one-quarter inch of the wick is consumed.

  • 5. Burn heater at high flame. This heater is built to burn at high flame and will not smoke if pure kerosene is used and the wick, gallery and flame spreader are clean. Simply turn wick up as far as it will go. Apply match to SIDE of wick and close heater. (Never lift the flame spreader to light top of wick.)

  • 6. Supply plenty of fresh air. Perfection heaters burn many hundreds of gallons of air to each gallon of kerosene. When used in a bathroom or other small space, leave the door ajar two inches so that fresh air can flow in. It will be warmed as it passes up through the heater. Insufficient supply of fresh air will cause the heater to smoke.

  • 7. Use pure kerosene. Use only a good grade of kerosene. Never mix gasoline, even a small amount, with it. It is desirable to drain the reservoir occasionally and then put in fresh kerosene. This will safeguard the reservoir and wick carrier from possible corrosion and rust.

  • CAUTION: If used on a trailer, boat or other moving conveyance - NEVER operate this heater while in motion. A serious fire may result.  Perfection  heaters do not have a safety tip-over switch, being designed in the days when people used common sense, not their own personal lawyer.


    Parts of this heater have been oiled to prevent rusting. Before lighting heater for the FIRST TIME, wipe thoroughly with a cloth. Since the remaining oil will burn off, causing a disagreeable odor for ten or fifteen minutes, the heater should be placed where this odor will not be offensive.

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