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1920 Advertising: 1st Ad for the "Short Drum" Stoves.

The short drum burners operate on the same principle as a modern Japanese wick heater.




Here is the 1st advertisement I have seen for Perfection's Aladdin Aluminum Cookware.

1921 Advertising:

1922 Advertising: Introduction of the "Superfex" Burners, Giant and Little Giant
Unknown A Year Ago.

1923 Advertising:  Perfection started pushing cooking accessories like extra glass reservoirs, oven thermometers, etc., to be bundled with the initial sale of the stove / oven.

Here is the relevant page from their "How to sell Perfection Stoves" Dealer Brochure of 1923:

1924 Advertising:T
he "Superfex" style of Chimney was incorporated into the "Tall Blue "Chimney, called the "Double Draft Blue Chimney Burner".


Short Chimney Brochure.

Below are some rare 1924 "Magic Lantern" Slides:
(Note that some exhibit heat damage from the Kerosene lamp light source)

And finally 1924 was a big year for the heaters with many new features:

Here are some early 1920's images of the Perfection plants:
Main Plant on Platt Ave. In Cleveland - [Cleveland%20Foundry%20Company_zpsr8qtbnxf] 
The Ivanhoe Plant (Cleveland Metal Products) on Ivanhoe Road in Cleveland - [Cleveland%20Metal%20Products-2_zpsova71szq] 
1924 Water Heater Flyer showing how to install a Kerosene water heater even if you do not have running water.

1926 Advertising:
Six Famous Cooking Experts Agree:
And if you sent in the coupon above you would receive "Favorite Menus and Recipes of 6 Famous Cooks" cookbook.

What 30 Years of Cooking Taught Mrs. Rorer About Stoves:


1927 Advertising: The 1927 Brochure lists the new improved "Double Draft Blue Chimney Burner" as well as the "Superfex" burners.
Surprise Dishes:

1928 Advertising:

Stove Brochure: "Announcing a Wonderful New Line of Perfection Oil Cook Stoves"

1929 Advertising:

Note in the Ad copy, a mention of a Gasoline stove?


1930 Advertising:

1930 was the final year for the Superfex burners. Note the advertisement contains ranges with all Superfex "Fast As Gas" burners, only to be gone from the lineup the next year with the introduction of the new "High Power" burners. 


1931 Advertising:

The final major stove update for the Cleveland Foundry / Perfection was in 1931 when the "High Power" Burners were introduced. They used the same 331 wick, which is the same size as the older #21, but the burner and chimney were improved again for even better air flow and a hotter burn, with an output of approximately 7500 Btu's per burner.

Here are the burner output calculations.

I can't find a mention of the "Superfex" or "Double Draft Blue Chimney Burner" after 1931.

Here is the single page color advertisement for the new "High Power" stove burners.


Here is the two page color advertisement for the new "High Power" stove burners.
Here is the Dealer Sales Brochure for 1931.


Here is a window poster from 1931.

And here is a rare unused table top store sign:

1935 Advertising: Ivanhoe Range brochure

1936 Advertising:
 "Farmers Wife", May 1, 1936 with the new styling of the "High Power" ranges.

1937 Footnote:
Introduction of the 331 "X" "Inner Flow" stove wick.

1940 Advertising:


1942 Advertising:


1944 Advertising:

1946 Advertising:

1947 Advertising:


1948 Advertising:
60th Anniversary Perfection Booklet




1949 Advertising:
Perfection and Ivanhoe Oil Burning Heaters Brochure

1950 Advertising:

Rare 1950 full color newspaper flier for the large "pot burner" style heaters.


[Center_zpst1bydbns]  [Back_zpsm4brfxpq] 

The 1950 Perfection "Gas" Range Flier

1951 Advertising:

1952 Advertising:

July, 1952 in Bogota, Columbia, South America.

1954 Advertising:
By 1954 Perfection was selling gas heaters.


1955 Advertising:

Perfection was now "Perfection Industries" and a Division of Hupp Industries.
The venerable utilitarian 525 heater was reduced in quality to the 525M to cut costs but it still sold for $139 in 1955. That's $371 today! They were pricing themselves out of the market.
[525M-with-Box_zpskfikpphe]From the May,1955 issue of Practical Builder:

1957 Advertising:
Gas Heater Brochure

1981 Advertising:

In 1981, Perfection-Schwank apparently dumped model 770 Perfection heaters at cost thru "The Energy Warehouse" in Wood-Ridge, NJ.
Note the absence of the Perfection triangle insignia.
Also note the #500 replacement "Long Life" wicks were referred to as "Inner-Flow".


I will continue to add information as I find it.



(Hiding in my Kerosene Lab @ Tech Editor Productions)


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Nice job Grieg,

I tend to agree about the simplicity of operation of the wickless stoves.  I have mostly switched to that type of range for my cooking and its a great deal less work to maintain. No oil that runs over the burners, no heavy carbon to clean regularly, the lighting rings stay in better shape since they are not constantly in oil.  Many a wick went bad due to oil becoming old while the wicks were not in  much use.  But the downside is there some what harder to regulate, although I have found there is a huge difference in the operation quality of various brands of stoves.  My Boss Ranges have a very clean, nearly always blue flame, but the smaller table top Boss stoves are finicky at best an usually have more yellow streaks which creates soot on the bottom of the pans.  I have been using glass cook ware from the 40s for some time now and rarely do I get one to show the oil residue on the bottom.  Of course the real downside to the wick less range is if you allow something to spill over or drip some liquid into the burner your going to get a high yellow flame from the water mixing in the oil which will soot things up quickly.  Again though the very late Boss Ranges have a solid cook top which eliminates much of the accidental spillage into a burner.   Perfection models of the wick less ranges in the latter years used the same 331X wick and operated somewhat differently than the burners that latter became popular with many ranges in the 30s, where they burners are mechanically lowered into the oil for lighting an then raised to adjust the flame and out of it completely to turn them off.  I found the Puritan wick stoves caused more problems with odor and burner control than the non wick stoves. 

Another question I have is about the break up of the Lamps and stoves by Standard oil. I had  been told that they were made to divest of one of the lines in order to satisfy the government accusation of being a monopoly, is that not part of the story? 


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See 1916 Footnote to answer your question here.



(Hiding in my Kerosene Lab @ Tech Editor Productions)


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Added 1924 water heater flyer showing how to install a Kerosene water heater if you do not have running water.


(Hiding in my Kerosene Lab @ Tech Editor Productions)

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