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In 1892 the Cleveland Foundry started producing cast iron oil burning heaters with a "White" flame. These "Banner" heaters were heavy and fixed in place.


Starting in 1894 the Cleveland Foundry started producing portable heaters. 1894 - 95 Advertising: Portable heater brochure here.
[1_zpscfc9e5aa]  [2_zps2d0f3f8e]  [3_zps9f578076] 


Here is an actual Model 84 wick. It measures 15" across!
The wick dates from 1894 - 1905. Note the "Perfection" Triangle logo, used here long before the moniker "Perfection" was used.

1894 Puritan No. 54 Heater

1894 Puritan Model #74 Heater


[Puritan_Heater_Advertisemen_zpsl7n0rwc0] [Puritan-44-Heater_zpsw9ipvsrq] 

1896 "Puritan Oil Cooker"
1898 Advertising:

1900 Advertising for "Wickless, Blue Flame
Stoves" :


1901 Advertising:

[Metal_Worker_Ad1_1901_zps78e2e0bd]  [Metal_Worker_Ad2_1901_zpsc431ae58] 

Pre-1905 Advertising:

In May, 1901, from the Pinckney Dispatch:

After the merger with Standard Oil in 1901, the same "Wickless, Blue Flame" stoves were sold but with the "Perfection" name on them as seen in the British publication "The Petroleum Industrial and Technical Review" of July, 27, 1901.



And yet on May 22, 1901 a newspaper ad appeared in the "Malone Farmer", Malone, NY., where the Wickless Blue Flame
stoves were featured without the "Perfection" name.
Here is a 1902 envelope cover that shows a double burner "Wickless, Blue Flame" portable stove.

Here is the companies 1903-04 Wickless Blue Flame stove brochure dated 12/20/02.

By 1904, Standard Oil was marketing the "Wickless, Blue Flame" oil stoves in Australia. A clipping from the Jan. 16, 1904 issue of "The Independent" from Footscray, Victoria, Australia:


1905 Advertising:
It wasn't until 1905 when the "Tall Blue Chimney" stoves were advertised and I could not find any advertisements for anything but wicked stoves after this date. 
I believe this is the 1st advertisement for the "New Perfection Wick Blue Flame Oil Cook Stove"
And here are first three models of the "New" Perfection Blue Flame Wick Stoves and also note the description of the stove wicks. They came in their carrier, ready for installation.
Notice the name change, "New Perfection" to differentiate between the wickless stoves and the wick style
Here is the full 1905 Brochure, restored.

In approximately 1905, the heaters were redesigned. The heaters still retained the flavor of the previous heaters but were constructed out of lighter sheet steel.
Here is the Model 159
[1_zpsyzo0jchu]  [3_zpsl3a0tpff] 
They utilized the "modern" Fount we still use today.

Here is the Hang Tag for them

[Puritan_Hang_Tag_Front_zps30b7c568] [Puritan_Hang_Tag_Rear_zps860e41da]

1906 Advertising:
The earliest advertisement that I can find for the new style portable Kerosene heaters is 1906. As you can see, the finials were deleted as well as the three pane viewing window.



And the new, re-designed portable oil heaters were shipped around the globe too as shown in this excerpt from "The
Colonist", Volume XLVIII, Issue 11633, 22 May 1906 in New Zealand. 


1907 Advertising:





1908 Advertising:
[1908_Ad_zpspyokyjzj]  [Turn-the-Wick_zpss0vksx32] 
And from Australia,

1909 Advertising: "Fireless" Cooking Method


1910 Advertising:



1911 Advertising: Rare color heater ads featuring the new Blue Porcelain Enamel finishes.


What do you do if your House doesn't have a chimney?



1912 Advertising:


1913 Advertising:

With the breakup of Standard Oil in 1913, we start to see advertising by the individual state Standard Oil's. Below is Standard Oil of Indiana's ad.

1914 Advertising:



Full Color Table Top Standee

1915 Advertising
Between 1905 and when Standard Oil wanted out of the heater / stove business in 1915, they sold 10 million stoves!

1916 Footnote:
Following the breakup of Standard Oil Company by the Government, the individual Standard Oil companies started ending their relationship with Cleveland Metal Products for selling heaters and  stoves. They instead concentrated on gasoline sales for automobiles. And that they had a ready market for Kerosene.
The only Standard Oil company that stayed with Cleveland Metal Products as a distributor was SOCONY (Standard OIl Company of New York).

1916 Advertising

Here is a rare image of an in-store Perfection "Oil Stove" demonstration:

This is a Magic Lantern color slide touting conversion to the "new" Giant short drum burners.
1917 Advertising:





1918 Advertising:

Note the Ad is by the "Atlantic Refining Company"

1918 image of the University of Illinois, Food Administration Home Economics Demonstration Rail Car.


1919 Advertising:




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1898 - Added No. 66 Heater
Looks like the first of the more modern style sheet metal portable heaters.



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