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Once registered, please double check your user settings in the Control panel section (tab at the top of page).  Make sure to check Private messaging if you want this feature. The same goes for Emails, etc.



1. When posting on the forum, please make sure your content is mature, unobjectionable, and within good taste. Posts that are deemed offensive, political or inappropriate will be deleted.


2. Please keep this forum free from political and other types of inflammatory debate. 


3. Please stay on topic. Post topics to the appropriate forum.


4. Personal attacks such as name calling, insults, etc, are not tolerated.  We ask that each member remain objective and respectful.


5. If you have a complaint or an issue with a member, do not air that issue on the forum. Please PM a moderator so that they can address the issue.


6. The Forum Moderators reserve the right to edit or delete posts or threads that do not abide by the above guide lines.


Thank you!

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