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U.S. Patent 528,314 for the burner used in the "Coal Oil" stoves.[US528314-0_Oil_Burner_zpsf4dcf97c]  [US528314-1_Oil_Burner_zps96e3c0e1]

U.S. Patent 24,115 for the overall design of the portable Kerosene heaters.

In 1915, there was an improved method for holding Kerosene in a bottle on the side of an oil stove, that we are familiar with today. The major innovation was the spring loaded plunger in the cap that metered the correct amount of Kerosene to the burners.
U.S. Patent 1,137,574:

In 1916, the oil stove oven was updated with a feature to allow baking with the burner turned off to save fuel. It was called "Retained Heat" cooking.
U.S. Patent 1,184,419:
[US1184419-0_Retained_Heat_Oven_zps1bf7e1e9]  [US1184419-1_Retained_Heat_Oven_zps7cb7375d]  [US1184419-2_Retained_Heat_Oven_zps648a6fbe] 
In 1916 the final ornamental design with back and warming shelf for the "Perfection" stoves was created.
U.S. Patent 49,254:

1916 was a big year for the Cleveland Foundry, Patent-wise and on Dec. 26, they finished the year with one of the most important patents they produced. One that made the oil stoves easy to refill AND tell just how much fuel was still left in the jug; the 1 gal. glass pivoting reservoir!
U.S. Patent 1,292,811:



(Hiding in my Kerosene Lab @ Tech Editor Productions)


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Very interesting.  Thanks for sharing.

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The Puritan patents are for the same heater I have.
001  Puritan  #44 by jackcom7, on Flickr  The diagrams in patent match my heater exactly. Last patent date on my heater was in 1895.  Thanks for info.   JIm

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That Puritan is in excellent condition!

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"  That Puritan is in excellent condition . . .  " and a thing of real beauty  [love]
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